PEERS workshop: Look, Learn, Engage & Co-Create

Join us online on 29 September 2023, and do become aware about our new approach to standardisation applied to DRR and CBRNe!

On the 29th September 2023, PEERS will host a Standardisation Development Event, targeted separately at policymakers, standardisation bodies, natural hazards and CBRNe practitioners/users. 

Titled ‘Look, Learn, Engage & Co-Create’, this online event consists of three uniquely designed workshops for each of the target audiences and includes attendee engagement on demonstrations, keynote presentations as well as a round table discussion.

PEERS is a Horizon-funded project and focuses on the preparation and response stages of a disaster aimed at delivering knowledge and information on what is needed by practitioners and policymakers at these stages, with a heavy focus on CBRNe standardisation, operational products and services as well as production of some Better Practice Guides. Speakers and facilitators of the event are members of the consortium and will present and demonstrate different aspects of the project, so that we continue to work in line with the outcomes that our users might like to see.

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