PEERS is in the Emergency Live magazine

How PEERS can help change the world to tackle climate change and extreme weather in Europe

In recent years, climate change has led to increasingly frequent natural disasters. We witness, today, geo-political events which trigger destabilisation of world economies, as well as energy and grain shortage supplies. According to the European Commission food security unit report, heatwaves and the risk of water scarcity will become increasingly evident.

It is against this backdrop that PEERS has published an article on the “Emergency Live” magazine, titled “Changing world and how project PEERS can help“. The article – which is accessible here – aims at presenting PEERS and our holistic approach to respond and prepare better for tomorrow’s disasters worldwide.

PEERS is a Horizon-funded project focused on the preparation and response stages of a disaster and applies a co-creation approach delivering knowledge and information on what is needed by practitioners and policymakers at these stages, with a heavy focus on standardisation, operational product and services as well as best/better practices.

Started on November 1st, 2022, the project will run for 36 months, to provide a practitioner-driven ecosystem containing a knowledge dashboard platform tailored to profiles, virtual reality gamification, and an integration capability with existing community-building platforms, a better practice guide initiative and an eLearning tool. Secondary targets include researchers and standardisation bodies.

The core of the project is the platform that is adapted to meet each user’s profile. It helps field operations function more effectively, and policymakers to know what is already available on the market, where to source enabling procurement costs to be cut to not reinvent the wheel. A pre-alpha version of the platform was presented to many, including Europol as well as policymakers, first responders and emergency medical services experts, amongst others, to establish a Co-Creation Group.

The Alpha version of the platform will be introduced to the Group online on September 29th, 2023, so that we can continue to work in line with what is needed by them, to achieve the expected outcomes.

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