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Founded in 2010, KPMG Future Analytics (KPMG FA) is an innovative, multidisciplinary consultancy operating within KPMG Ireland which specialises in the areas of spatial planning, research, economic and socio-economic analysis. KPMG FA has established a strong profile in applied research projects, particularly those with an underlying evidence-base (data-led) component. KPMG FA is an established leader in the European-funded research sphere, with multiple project co-ordination and partner roles. Research interests include the practical application of innovative research into policy development and strategic decision-making, societal enhancements, and commercial viability. The company has also conducted research into the operationalisation of the urban resilience concept, encompassing a wide range of projects exploring energy efficiency and Smart City concepts, through to societal security and crisis management.
Contacts: KPMG FA website | KPMG FA LinkedIn page: @KPMG Ireland | KPMG Twitter page: @KPMG_Ireland

FORMIT Foundation is a Non-profit Corporate Body established in 1985 and recognised by the Italian Minister for Research, with consultative status granted since 2004 by the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations. With a qualified multidisciplinary team based in Rome, it supports, amongst others, National and Local Public Administrations, the European Commission, the International Science and Technology Center, the European Defence Agency and the United Nations for the definition of policies and related actions in the Security, Technology and Innovation field. Coordinator of a Horizon 2020 project involving 22 partners across Europe, FORMIT is also heavily engaged in the EU CBRN CoE initiative, as it has also extensive hands-on expertise in developing and delivering train-the-trainer programmes aiming to strengthening national capabilities in dealing with CBRN risks.
Contacts: FORMIT website | FORMIT LinkedIn page: @Fondazione FORMIT

The Resilience Advisors Network (RAN) is a group of some 150 practitioners with a background in emergency and disaster management. They all have extensive hands-on experience of disaster risk reduction in all phases from prevention, preparedness, response and recovery. RAN forms specialist, subject-specific teams to support a large and diverse portfolio of projects – maily delivered in Middle East and Europe – with a focus on strengthening community, locality or infrastructure resilience from emergencies and disasters. RAN advisors come from all over the world but with a higher density in Europe. This enables the network to understand local and specific needs whilst maintaining a current and global perspective. Formed in 2015, RAN operates through companies in the UK and Ireland.
Contacts: RAN website | RAN LinkedIn and Facebook page: @The Resilience Advisors Network | RAN Twitter page: @resilience247

TFC Research and Innovation Limited (TFC) is a provider of engaged scientific research services, working across clustering, better practice guides, standardisation, conceptual architecture, project management and outreach. It supports partners and customers to advance their research and innovation for the improvement of their products, services and processes as well as for the support of market, industry and academia acceptance. The company partners many organisations, working across multiple domains, including eHealth, Operational Security, Energy Transition and Standardisation. TFC brings much lateral thinking and fresh ideas to projects and process development at strategic, policy and operational levels and applies its skills base for the delivery of better and more effective outcomes at project, service and process development levels.
Contacts: TFC website | TFC LinkedIn and Facebook page: @TFCRIL

The Czech Standardisation Agency (ČAS) was established as a State contributory organisation by the Czech Office for Standards, Metrology and Testing (UNMZ) pursuant to Act No. 265/2017 Coll., Amending Act No. 90/2016 Coll. their supply to the market, and Act No. 22/1997 Coll. Since 1 January 2018, the Czech Standardisation Agency has taken over all activities related to developing, publishing and distributing technical standards from the UNMZ. It manages 2,500 experts involved in 125 national committees in various standardisation areas. The Czech Standardisation Agency is very active at the European level, e.g. in CEN/TC 391 “Societal and Citizen Security“, where it manages the activities of Working Group 1 related to security in hospitals.
Contacts: CAS website

University of Galway has grown massively in size and reputation over the past 175 years, with a student population today of over 18,000. According to QS World University Rankings,  University of Galway ranked 259 in the world and have been increasing its global reach and reputation over the past decade. Insight is an SFI research centre. It supports 450 researchers across areas such as the Fundamentals of Data Science, Sensing and Actuation, Scaling Algorithms, Model Building, Multi-Modal Analysis, Data Engineering and Governance, Decision Making and Trustworthy AI. Their research can be applied across four broad areas: Augmented Human, Smart Enterprise, Smart Communities and Sustainability.
Contacts: Insight website | Insight LinkedIn page: @Insight SFI Research Centre for Data Analytics | Insight Twitter page: @insight_centre

SFC is a fully privately-owned non-profit LLC dedicated to research and innovation activities in the areas of sustainability, security and space industry. It brings key competences in data science, visualisation and programming (including VR), satellite image analysis and gamification solutions. SFC has reliable expertise in social sciences and humanities, including privacy and data security. As such, it works with legal, economic, environmental policy and philosophy experts. Its niche are the direct EU research projects such as Horizon, LIFE and others. SFC has excellent records in obtaining public and private funding for the start-ups it represents. Currently, it has two Horizon Europe projects running, i.e., PEERS, related to disaster resilience, and DriVe2X, focused on electromobility. The expertise in SSH and policy-making is also exploited to often write policy papers and publish studies in international journals.
Contacts: SFC website | SFC LinkedIn and Facebook page: @Székely Family & Co. Kft. | SFC Twitter page: @sfc_futures

MSZT is the national standardisation body of the Republic of Hungary, which, as a self-governed, non-profit body of public interest, performs the duties concerning national standardisation and related activities. MSZT is responsible for all areas of formal standardisation in Hungary, including the electrotechnical field. The registered members of MSZT have delegated more than 3500 experts (representatives) to the national technical committees. MSZT has 186 technical committees, through which all interested parties can participate in standardisation. MSZT provides a wide range of services for the distribution of standards as well as accredited certification activities. It also releases publications and offers a number of training courses.
Contacts: MSZT website | MSZT LinkedIn page: @Magyar Szabványügyi Testület | MSZT Twitter page: @MagyarSzabvany

As experts in political and regulatory processes, FIPRA International advises leading businesses and organisations on how to navigate complex policy landscapes and address regulatory challenges. With a dedicated team of professionals and a global network spanning over 50 countries, FIPRA offers clients unrivalled access to bespoke, highly-specialised strategic counsel bringing together global reach with local, in-market expertise. FIPRA Special Advisors’ extensive expertise, market insights, and personal contacts facilitate the development of winning strategies and achieving meaningful results. With over 20 years of experience, FIPRA has advised a wide range of clients in a host of sectors, including healthcare and life sciences, biosecurity, green transition, digital and technology.
Contacts: FIPRA website | FIPRA LinkedIn page: @FIPRA Public Affairs | FIPRA Twitter page: @FIPRAinsight