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PEERS CBRN-E dataset map

To enable the transformational change in the CBRN-E environment through standardisation, PEERS project has created a dataset map encompassing a wide range of data aiming to provide interested users with a significant landscape mapping of CBRN-E stakeholders, standards and products and services.

The main purpose of this dataset is to serve as a one-stop-shop for curated and quality data on the European CBRN-E landscape. These data are crucial for understanding the patterns and trends in CBRN-E incidents, assessing the effectiveness of response strategies, and planning for future incidents. Visualising these data can significantly help users to see and understand more easily and effectively their understanding of CBRN-E-related complex issues, as well as to delve deeper into specific aspects of the data, such as examining a particular region or product in more details. This not only makes the data more accessible, but also enables interactive exploration and discovery of data, simplifies complex information and enhances informed decision-making in CBRN-E related matters.

Thus, using datasets and their visualisation are invaluable tools for the CBRN-E community. They provide critical insights that can guide policymaking, response planning, and community engagement efforts to effectively manage and mitigate the impacts of CBRN-E incidents.

The current first version of the dataset is available in different formats (i.e., .CSV, .TSV, .XLSX, .ODS, .JSON), which can be downloaded at the following link.

If you have any knowledge of additional stakeholders, products and services and/or standards that can contribute to help all European citizens to cope with CBRN-E threats, please do fill in the following form: